VR Dimension

This event requires you to be level 18 before it becomes active

Big Bron gets sucked into the VR Dimension and it's up to you and Popy Wheeling to build a bike fast enough to escape and close the portal before it swallows the whole world!

Stage #1 Bron Disappears! Edit

VR Dimension 1

Popy Wheeling: By my swagful hat, I never seen such a thing! Some kinda glowing orb in the middle of the highway swallowed Big Bron! Help me drive back to save him!

Objective: Build and donate 3 Cuby Cuba.


  • 2 Cash
  • 5 Donut
  • 3,000 CoinSymbol

Stage #2 Memory LossEdit

VR Dimension 2

VR Big Bron: Big Bron? Seeking memory ERROR. I am VR Big Bron! Welcome to the VR Dimension! You are now Lord VR's slaves! He desires new bikes! Build them, slaves!

Objective: Build and sell Cuby Cuba to collect items.

Collect 2 Big Bron Bandanas Collect 2 Big Bron Eau Collect 1 Big Bron Glasses


Stage #3 Soar Like The Eagle! Edit

VR Dimension 3

Big Bron: I remember! The more the portal sucks in, the bigger it gets! We need to reverse engineer the Eagle to learn how to build a VR bike faster than CODE ITSELF!

Objective: Build and donate 3 VR Cuby.

Build and sell some VR Eagle to get parts.


  • 12 Cash
  • 30 Donut
  • 150,000 CoinSymbol

Stage #4 Faster Than Code... Edit

VR Dimension 4

Lord VR: You think you can build a bike faster than my code? Ha! Not even the legendary Popy Wheeling can do that. You'll never read the CODE-BARRIER and escape!

Objective: Build and donate 5 VR Racer.

Build and sell some VR Cuby to get parts.


  • 20 Cash
  • 30 Donut
  • 1,500,000 CoinSymbol

Stage #5 Mega Battle Edit

VR Dimension Mega Battle

Popy Wheeling: I've transcended Lord VR's code. I can see forever! With this new bike we can close the portal, but we need enough for all the other people trapped here!

Objective: Build more VR Racer

Mega Rewards Edit

VR Dimension Rewards
Rank Cash Donuts Bonus
1st 2000 Cash 2000 Donut VR Boss
2nd 1500 Cash 1500 Donut VR Boss
3rd 100 Cash 1000 Donut VR Boss
4-10 850 Cash 1000 Donut VR Boss
11-20 500 Cash 500 Donut
21-50 300 Cash 300 Donut
51-100 150 Cash 200 Donut
101-200 60 Cash 100 Donut
201-300 30 Cash 50 Donut

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