Moto GP Tourist Title

This event requires you to be level 18 before it becomes active

Must have app version 1.010 or higher for the event to appear

It’s the Grand Prix! Newcomers are not always welcome in the races - will you make your mark in history by beating the unbeatable elite?

Win all your Races and show everyone who’s the boss here!

Stage #1 A Newcomer Edit

Crouching Flamingo: You there, polish my helmet! Pardon, you’re a pilot? Such riff raff they let into the races these days. You won’t make it far. Now begone!

Objective: Race to win a Qualification Ticket

Bikes available in the race:

Build 3 Mini Ape to unlock the race.


Stage #2 Brothers Edit

Hidden Giraffe: You’re still in the race? My brother told me about you. Try not to inhale too much of our exhaust pipe gas in the next race, hue hue!

Objective: Race to win Fuel

Bikes available in the race:


Stage #3 A Tip from a Friend Edit

Popy Wheeling: Hey man, don’t let those egg heads talk down to ya! I noticed they’re using illegal gas that makes anyone who inhales their exhaust air sick!

Objective: Race to win 3 Frog Gas (Does anyone know what this is?...Green Blue and Gold frog items)

Construye 3 Lollipop para desbloquear la carrera.

Bikes available in the race:


Stage #4 A Flamingo's Rage Edit

Crouching Flamingo: You tampered with our engines, you rapscallion! You uncouth oaf! By Jove, I am livid! I slap you with my glove, I do! Do you dare accept my challenge?

Objective: Race to win 3 Slap Glove

Construye 7 Wave Runner para desbloquear la carrera.

Bikes available in the race:


Stage #5 Mega Battle Edit

Popy Wheeling: Ha! Did you see that greasy snake’s face when you slapped him with the glove? Do it again, do it again! Show them you’re here to stay!

Objective: Race to win more Slap Glove (Slape Glove)

Bikes available in the race:

Mega Rewards Edit

Moto GP Tourist Rewards
Rank Cash Donuts Bonus
1st 3,000 Cash 2,000 Donut Liquid Shadow
2nd 2,000 Cash 1,000 Donut Liquid Shadow
3rd 1,000 Cash 500 Donut Liquid Shadow
4-10 500 Cash 250 Donut Liquid Shadow
11-50 200 Cash 100 Donut
51-100 100 Cash 100 Donut
101-200 50 Cash 100 Donut
201-400 40 Cash 100 Donut
401-600 30 Cash 100 Donut
601-1,000 20 Cash 100 Donut

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Event BikesEdit

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